PhatBotti Tuning

10.9 @ 115mph (stock turbo STi World Record!!)


John Whitey Gibbons 2012 STi

Event: 1/4 Mile Drag Racing

Location: RaceWayPark, Old Bridge, NJ

Ambient Temp: 65F Elevation: ~0

Weather: Cloudy, cool

Track and Conditions: slippery, spin spin spin

Tires: 18" MT drags

Car: 2012 STi

Tuned by PhatBotti (STi Mikey)

Tuner: STi Mikey from PhatBotti Tuning 

Dyno Info: EFI's Mustang

Transmission: Stock 6 Speed

Gear: 4th

Peak HP: 355whp

Peak Torque: 462wtq

Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: 220whp

Target Boost: 22.5

Target AFR: 12.0

Fuel: E85 (closer to e90)

Built by EFI Logics

Engine/Power Modifications: Cattless DP welded to a muffled turn down, Composite TGV's, TXS Intake, ID1000cc, Aero FPR (for future use of FTW purple), Invidia EL Headers, TheShop STG1 Shortblock (stock compression CP's). COBB APV2Weight reductions: Typical seats and spare. No Catback, bumper beams, ECT. Carbon Hood / Fenders. Car weighed in at 3090 with driver. Nothing to hide here, this build is specifically targetting 1 thing.. 10's utilizing an untouched stock turbo car. 

Efi Logics & Mikey Botti Sponsored 2012 STi Stock Turbo W.R.


Tuned by PhatBotti (STi Mikey)

Built by EFI Logics

11.5 @ 118mph (2nd stock turbo STi) Mike Botti's 2007 STi


Event: 1/4 mile

Location: Island Dragway, Great Meadows, NJ

Ambient Temp: 80

Elevation: 538 ft

Weather: Warm

Track and Conditions: Perfect

Tires: BFG Drags

Car: 2007 STi

Tuner: STi Mikey of Phatbotti Tuning 

Dyno Info: Airboy

Transmission: stock 6 speed

Gear: 4th

Peak HP at RPM: 318whp @ 5100

Peak Torque at RPM:330wtq @ 3800

Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: 210

Target Boost: 22 Target

AFR: 11.5

Fuel: e70

Engine/Power Modifications: VF39, Rallispec block, THESHOPCT re-built heads, TXS FMIC, SPT Hot air intake, 3" TBE, 38mm EWG

World's Fastest Stock Turbo STi 11.50 @ 118.32

World's Fastest Stock Turbo STi 11.50 @ 117.85

2007 Subaru STi 11.5 Second VF Dyno (PhatBotti Tuning)

Paul Wilson's "NA STI" Grimspeed TMIC


World Record - 9.9 @ 132 mph tuned by Phat Ron (PhatBotti Tuning)

v2 cobb ap


Walbro 450, 10g hardwire with relay (100% all the time style hardwire)

Aeromotive a1000 6an FPR

Aeromotive fuel rails

Custom 6an feed and return line setup in engine bay only (went off hardline at firewall, also plumbed in the series like mine)

Tial 38mm ewg with 17-18psi spring combo

Grimmspeed 3 port ebcs with upgraded 1/4" barbs 

Invidia EL race header

Tigwerks vband rotated kit-incone1 up-pipe, 321 ss downpipe 3" catless, dump tube to atmosphere

GTX3071-smaller to4b compressor housing option and tial, .63 exhaust housing, tial .030 restrictor, 10an drain setup

Grimmspeed TMIC

MAW composite TGV housings

Killer B pickup tube 

Omni 3 bar MAP

AEM IAT sensor TAPPED on teh endtank between the TMIC exit hose and BPV flange

AEM wideband with busted finger lgging cable

STri boost gauge

Paul's 06 STi * Subaru TMIC World Record * 10.17 @135mph


GS TMIC, Cobb AP, Phatron Tuned


Paul's 06 STi- Subaru TMIC World Record! 9.9@132mph


GS TMIC, Phatron Tuned, EFR7163, IAG, Cobb AP

Paul's 06 STi * 10.18@134mph


1.40 sixty foot! * TMIC World Record Holder * GoPro view

JOSH NAHM's (IIR) 2009 Nissan GT-R 500whp

PhatBotti Tuning



JOSH NAHM's (IIR) 2009 Nissan GT-R 500whp (PhatBotti Tuning)