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  • AccessPort Tuning: What you need
  • Road Tuning/E-Tuning vs Dyno Tuning
  • Opensource vs Access Port
  • Blow Off Valves (BOV) & By-Pass Valves (BPV)
  • Subaru E-Tuning / Remote Tuning



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What Clients Say About Us

Jerry F - 9/1/2017

Chris M - 7/18/2017

Chris M - 7/18/2017

 Ron is the tuner to go if you want to extract more power safely out of your Subaru.

I inquired about 6 months ago for a flex fuel / dyno package, even though his prices changed, he still honored the price he gave me 6 months ago.

Ron is very knowledgeable and friendly. You cannot go wrong going to Ron with a Dyno Tune or e tune.

The best part is, Ron owned a 2015 WRX therefore he knows the FA20 Platform inside and out, along with the EJ powerplants in his past cars.

He also hinted he might start tuning GTR's so GTR owners may want to hit him up. 

Chris M - 7/18/2017

Chris M - 7/18/2017

Chris M - 7/18/2017

I highly recommend Ron Watson and Phatbotti Tuning. I was e-tuned for my 2015 WRX and it feels like a brand new car. Previous dyno tunes for my car don't even come close to what Ron accomplished; more power, better torque curve and smoother powerband. Ron was extremely responsive when sending me revisions to test; sometimes I got 2-3 in one day.

I can't comment on their work on other platforms, but for Subaru's FA20DIT, Ron and Phatbotti should be your first choice for tuning.

Jon L - 5/20/2017

Chris M - 7/18/2017

Mike L - 8/15/2017

My Subaru has 92,000 miles on it and I have been looking for a reliable tuner for the past 3 years.  I held back on getting a pro-tune simply because I had been hearing mixed reviews from so many tuners and wanted to do as much research as possible.  I had emailed and spoken to almost all the tuners in SoCal, and Ron at Phatbotti was the only one that had answered all my questions.  A few other tuners didn't even bother responding to my emails. I had emailed Ron maybe 20 separate times with all types of questions, smart or dumb, and he still answered every single one. 

Mike L - 8/15/2017

Phillip L - 9/12/2017

Mike L - 8/15/2017

I should have gotten the Pro-Tune done long ago.  I had been driving with the dreaded "fuel stumble" for 92k miles that I got so used to it.  I had the Fuel Stumble Fix installed and Ron tuned it as part of the Pro-Tune and wow, I had to re-learn how to drive the car because it's so smooth now.  I was getting about 16PSI on the Cobb Stage 2 OTS map, now I'm hitting 20PSI and it's smooth all the way through.  If you're looking for a Tuner and not sure which one to go to, Ron is the man. 

Phillip L - 9/12/2017

Phillip L - 9/12/2017

Phillip L - 9/12/2017

Highly recommend Ron if you want a protune done for your car. I communicated with Ron through e-mail before my scheduled dyno day and he was extremely quick and helpful with his responses. He will take care of you making sure your car is running smoothly and safely. During the dyno day, I met Ron and he was extremely friendly and helpful. He answered all my questions in a way that you could understand and made sure I left with no questions left unanswered. I will definitely return in the future for my next revision and highly 

Jesse C - 4/20/2017

Phillip L - 9/12/2017

Phillip L - 9/12/2017

I drove my 2015 WRX all the way from Nor Cal just to get a tune from Ron.  I realized that there are few tuners who know how to tune the FA20DIT properly and Ron is one of them.  He might even be the best since he previously owned one before and did lots of testing with it.  I had a protune from a tuner up in Nor Cal and after I got an etune from Ron, it was like night and day.  The smoothness, the better gas mileage, the boost control, etc was just so much better.  After that, I drove down and got both the 91 and a Flex Fuel E53 tune and now my car is really fun to drive.  I really can't go back to the 91 tune after the E53 tune haha.  His Dyno cell/room was immaculate and he has screens to show you the car.  This hobby isn't cheap but you never want to cheap out when it comes to tuning from a reputable guy like Ron. 

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