Dyno Tune

Other than E-Tuning, we offer the option for our clients to bring their vehicle in for a hands on tuning. The tuner will log and tune from start to finish the same day. One of the many benefits of having your vehicle tuned on premises is having a mechanic troubleshoot real time if need be. Another benefit is having your vehicle street ready the same day.

Schedule a tune in our state of the art, custom built dyno cell at our location in Anaheim today!

Pre-Dyno Instructions

Please ensure your vehicle is 100% complete and ready before your dyno tune appointment.

We cannot express enough that if your vehicle comes in unprepared,

it will waste both time and money.


There is a $200 non-refundable deposit via paypal to phatbotti_tuning@yahoo.com in order to reserve a tune session. This non-refundable deposit of $200 goes towards the cost of the tune. This deposit is required to ensure your cooperation to come on your scheduled date/time. Once the deposit is received, please send over your car information, mod-list and AP serial number (ex. SUB0405433 which can be found on the box, in AP manager, or on the AP under information). I will create a map and send over instructions. Please go through the pre-dyno instructions to ensure your vehicle is ready for the tune and ensure you don’t get charged extra to remove splitters/diffusers, etc.


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