PhatBotti Tuning

About the Owner/Tuner

PhatBotti is solely led by Owner/Tuner Ron Watson. Ron has over 8 years of trade, race and tuning experience grafted from real experience, study and research – both locally and internationally.  

Ron graduated Cum Laude from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2001 with a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Mathematics.  

In 2002, Ron began working for the Department of Defense at the Naval Air Weapons Center Weapons Division. Ron spent 4 years in Solid Rocket Propulsion designing propellant grains, rocket nozzles, composite cases,

and analyzing all the test firing data.  

In 2006 Ron transferred across the base to the F/A-18 Advanced Weapons Laboratory where he began working as a Flight Test Engineer. He was in charge of all the conventional weapon, bomb rack and fuze integration onto the F/A-18.  Ron has a total of 15 years working as a professional engineer for the Department of Defense.

While working a full time job at the navy base, he also worked full time at PhatBotti doing e-tuning and road tuning. In 2012 he decided to offer tuning in Anaheim every weekend. When that took off, it was finally time to quit the navy base.

As of 2018, Phatbotti tuning is offering services 6 days of the week.

"Cars are a passion to me. Honesty, quality and reliability are 3 fundamentals of what I strive for at Phatbotti. Exceeding expectations. I thank my customers for their support and entrusting me. I am ready to tackle the future one car at a time." - Ron Watson